Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our members. We do not share our member information with any outside entity, except in aggregate (we may acknowlege user demographics generically, such as showing the percentage of our users from a geographic region, or the number using a given OS or browser). We cooperate with our local law enforcement and will comply with court orders. We are located in Bar Harbor, Maine USA and have are therefore subject to the laws of Bar Harbor, the State of Maine, and the United States of America with regards to privacy and access to confidential member information.

Our webservers automatically record IP address and user agent (browser) information upon contact as is the industry practice. In addition to logging your visit, our servers will also create a number of "cookies", which are small text files downloaded to your computer by your browser, including a user identifier, an anonymous session identifier, and cookies to record display subjects read, last page viewed, and display preferences to improve your user experience.

We require members maintain a valid email address as a condition of using the service, and record identifying information from other networks such as Facebook and Twitter as needed to provide connectivity to those networks. We will not intentionally disclose this information without user permission, request of local authorities conducting a criminal investigation, or in accordance with court order.

Information you place in your member profile will be visible publicly and to search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and posts made in public parts of the site will likewise be "searchable" by anyone and everyone on the Internet. We recommend against publishing your email address, phone number, or home address since this may expose you to spam, harassment, and identity theft (this is actually good advice on any public social network).