Our Trademarks

Since around 2009, the terms "Steamland" and "Steamlands" have come into common use to describe virtual world games and communities influenced by the "steampunk" genre. First found online around 2009, it has obviously beeen the intention of those who coined it ("JJ Drinkwater" and "KlausWulfenbach Outlander" in SL™), that the term "Steamlands" remain in the public domain, and we at Steampunk Island™ share this wish.

Steampunk Island™, Steamlander™, and League of Avatars™ are however brands created for the online services of Steampunk Island Inc., including the web portal www.Steamlander.com, a 3D virtual world currently under development, a surname for ficticious characters in a virtual world, any member of our Steampunk themed community, and as a name for software including a 3D web browser and games. Steampunk Island™, Steamlander™, and League of Avatars™, along with the "clock in gears" logo, are trademarks of Steampunk Island Inc., and Copyright © 2009 Steampunk Island Inc., all rights reserved.

Just as the common words "sing" and "sings" do not lessen the value of the trademark Singer®, the presence of generic terms "steamland" and "steamlands" do not lessen the value of our Steamlander™ trademark. As much as we support the movement to create a community identity for the steamlands free from the dreary machinations of trademark law and copyrights, we are required to defend our trademarks and brands against infringement or risk losing our claim to them. Therefore we must give this legal notice that infringement of our trademarks is prohibited (with infringement being defined as engaging in conduct which causes others to confuse your site, software, et cetera, with ours).

If you have any doubt as to what might infringe our trademarks, and what is "fair use", please consider placing a notice to this effect in a prominant location on your website or blog (or promotional material for your site, blog, expo, or club):

Steampunk Island™, Steamlander™,
and League of Avatars™ are
Trademarks of Steampunk Island Inc.
This site/blog/expo/club is not affiliated with
or sponsored by Steampunk Island Inc.

Your servant,
Excalibur Steamlander
(nom de plume of J. N. Riley Jr, President of Steampunk Island Inc.)
a.k.a. Excalibur Longstaff in SL™, Excalibur Steamlander in Inworldz.com
Copyright © 2009 Steampunk Island Inc., All rights reserved.
Steampunk Island Inc., PO BOX 11, Bar Harbor, ME 04609-0011 USA

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