5th Anniversary Rose Hunt - Saturday - 02/26/10 - 6PM SLT

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5th Anniversary Rose Hunt - Saturday - 02/26/10 - 6PM SLT

Postby Gabrielle Riel » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:07 am


The Rose Hunt is a traditional part of the annual celebration of Caledon's founding. A limited number of Roses bloom on the February 26th anniversary of the rezzing of the original Caledon sim, and people from all across Caledon hunt for them. The number of Roses available each year is limited and they are highly sought after.

This year's rose was created by Miss Vanessa Hamer.

One 5th Anniversary Rose is hidden on each non-duchy Caledon sim. In other words, there is one rose hidden in each of the following sims:

Caledon II
Caledon Brigadoon
Caledon Cape Wrath
Caledon Cay
Caledon Downs
Caledon Dundee
Caledon Glengarry
Caledon Kittiwickshire
Caledon Mayfair
Caledon Moors
Caledon Morgaine
Caledon On Sea
Caledon Oxbridge
Caledon Oxbridge Village
Caledon Penzance
Caledon Regency
Caledon Rothesay
Caledon Rocabrannagh
Caledon SouthEnd
Caledon Steam SkyCity
Caledon Stormhold
Caledon Tamrannoch
Caledon Tanglewood
Caledon Victoria City
Caledon Wellsian
Caledon Windemere
Port Caledon

Plus five "Wild Card" Roses that will be hidden as second roses on five of the sims listed above.

Normal Caledon Roses are NOT to be found underwater in the seas and rivers of Caledon. (Though Roses may be found "underground", where "underground" is technically "underwater", as is the case with most of Caledon's tunnels and caves.)

However, this year, for the truly advanced rose hunter, five Aqua Roses will be cunningly hidden in the various seas and rivers of Caledon. Like the Wild Card Roses, Aqua Roses may be found in sims where the "Sim Rose" has already been discovered. Unfortunately, LSL limitations make it impossible for the Aqua Roses to talk to fish.

So that makes 28 Sim Roses, 5 Wild Card Roses, and 5 Aqua Roses for a total of 38 Roses, plus four numbered "Artist Proofs" (given respectively to: Miss Vanessa Hamer, the creator of the 2011 Anniversary Rose, Miss Elenabeth Portal, hunt organizer, Sir ZenMondo Wormser, creator of the Rose Giver script, and Mr. Desmond Shang, Caledon Governor).

Roses are only hidden on land owned by Caledon (via the "Commonwealth of Caledon" or "Independent State of Caledon" or "Caledon Oxbridge University" groups) and not on private land owned by Caledon Residents.

The Roses are very hardy and may be found in some extreme environments at times, including high mountainous regions and in tunnels and/or caves. Some roses may have already been cut and left inside buildings or on objects.

Please search using only your eyes and the normal functions of the Linden Lab SL client. Though I've taken some precautions to mitigate against the usefulness of scripted scanners, third-party clients, estate manager tools, etc., I realize that somewhere, someone will be able to get around them. All I can do is ask that you don't.

To claim a Rose that you have found, click on the Rose--it will give you a Rose named something like "Caledon Region Name Rose (XX of XX)", and then the Rose on the ground will dissapear. If you don't want to take the Rose, DON'T CLICK IT. (I mention this because I know some hunters choose to take pictures and leave the Roses for others.)

Roses will bloom promptly at 6PM SLT on Saturday February 26th.

The Hunt will end when all Roses have been found. Last year, it took nearly a week for the final one to be stumbled upon. But I expect that most of the Roses will have been found by the end of Sunday. I have done my best to be devious, so it may take longer!

Happy Hunting!

Elenabeth Portal
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