Photography of the Pacific Northwest

19th c. Pacific Northwest American Victorian

Photography of the Pacific Northwest

Postby Patty Poppy » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:46 am

The Colors and Textures of the real life photographs of the Pacific Northwest by Autopilotpatty Poppyare now on display in Miss Poppy's gallery near the telehub in Steelhead Harborside.

You are invited to step inside and look through these beautiful award-winning images. Some are digitally enhanced to appear as though they are pen and ink watercolors. Sit and relax or dance to the music being streamed.

New exhibits of Pacific Northwest images are in the works! These will include Eastern Washington's Steptoe Buttes area, Oregon's beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline, Oregon's unique Painted Hills, Ghost Towns of Oregon, Horses, Indian Pow Wows, and Utah's Bryce Canyon. All unique and colorful images of the Pacific Northwest.
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