Crystal Palace Recollections, part 3

Re: Crystal Palace Recollections, part 3

Postby Rhianon Jameson » Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:59 am

Mako Magellan wrote:She pressed on regardless and set up Magellan Kinvara where Saint Kitt Islands had been. It was just a renaming of the sim, actually.

You and Miss Woolley are far too modest, sir! The last I saw of Saint Kitt Islands, volcanic activity had leveled the place, nearly taking out a group of scandalously scantily-clad Caledonian revelers who seemed to think that a beach party was a suitable occasion to reveal body parts more suitably seen in the boudoir. With the lights out. :) The transformation from that sulfuric hell to the tranquil island we know today must have been non-trivial.

I do so hope that the Crystal Palace has good insurance, however. Building on the site of a former active volcano would seem to carry with it some risk.
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Re: Crystal Palace Recollections, part 3

Postby Anna Darwinian » Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:08 am

Dear Mr. Magellan,

Thank you so much for sharing these reminiscences. As a relative newcomer, I am always fascinated to discover the histories of Caledon's lovely people, places, and things.

Your Crystal Palace inspired greenhouse is one of my favorite SL purchases, and I have spent many happy sky-platform hours copying and modding it to create my own multi-greenhouse structures of fantasy.

With warm best wishes for continued success your many generous creativities,
Anna Darwinian
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