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Welcome to the Steamlands Forums (originally launched as "Caledon Forums")
(Returning members of Caledon Forums may sign in using your old Caledon Forums account)

If you can read this either you have not joined this site, or you have not signed in. Until you have registered and signed in, your access to posts made here will be very very limited. Although this may at first seem like we are making ourselves into some sort of exclusive club, this is not entirely true.

It is the hope of the site's creator that this will some day serve as the back-end to a 3D world similar to SL™, but operating on any web hosting account. If you look at the forums as a set of "sims" or "regions" (using the 3D world metaphor), and realize that in a world such as Second Life one cannot even see the content of that server unless one is a member, in a way Steamlander is *more* open, since some of the content is visible to even visitors.

By having private sections we are allowing members to choose themselves which content they create will be visible to everyone, and which shall remain within the community. It may seem a bit extreme to block non members from even simply reading those private posts, but given the existence of spam-bots and opportunistic software (which combs the net harvesting e-mail addresses posted publicly), we felt it was best to put a few steps between casual readers and information someone might not wish divulged to just anyone.

At present there are two levels of membership for this site: free "Basic Membership" and "Premium Membership". The Free Membership is all you will need to read and post messages in a majority of these forums ("fora" for the Latin buffs).

Take these three steps to become a FREE Account Member:

  1. Register on this forum site by clicking the "Register" link at the top of this page.

  2. Click the link in the confirmation email you will receive at the address you register.

  3. Log into this site, click "Subscriptions", click the radio button next to "Free Membership ", then click "join".

Once you have completed these steps you will have full basic access to the site. Please treat others with the same dignity and respect that you would wish to be treated, give everyone the benefit of the doubt and accept that others have different views, and avoid "spamming", "flaming", or "griefing" other users. In general err on the side of caution and take cues from other members. Oh, and until you make your first post, you will show up as a "Newbie Member"

We hope that once you have joined Steamlander™ and realize what a valuable tool it is for being connected to the rest of the virtual world, that you will consider supporting us by becoming a Sustaining Membership! :D

Most importantly, be yourself and have fun!

Warm regards,

Steampunk Island Staff

(Steamlands Forums is operated by Steampunk Island Inc, a small start-up created by character Excalibur Steamlander to turn the Internet into an immersive 3D world)
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