Radio Riel Stream Information Update

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Radio Riel Stream Information Update

Postby Gabrielle Riel » Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:19 am

Radio Riel recently updated its audio streams to our own in-house-managed server.

This changed the direct IP addresses to all of our streams.

If you use the stream redirects you do not need to change anything.

Stream Redirects

1. Main Stream = (or

2. Radio Riel Ragtime =

3. Radio Riel Steampunk =

4. Radio Riel Dieselpunk =

5. Radio Riel Reverie =

6. Radio Riel Volksmusik =

Direct IPs

Main -

Ragtime -

Steampunk -

Dieselpunk -

Reverie -

Volksmusik -

These are the URLs that you put in the Music URL: field of the Sound tab in the About Land dialog box in Second Life.

You can also open any of these in media players, like iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC or WinAmp, by using the Open Stream or Open URL or Play URL options.
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