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Aether Duchess in her Airship.jpg Aether Duchess in her Airship

Lady Aevalle now calls Caledon East Speirling home. While spending much time in-world on her real life job, Aevalle is honored to also be the hostess of multiple Caledon organizations. She was the caretaker and bibliothecary for Inkwell Manor (now lost to the aetherspace), as well as curatrix of the H. P. Blavatsky Memorial Branch of the Caledon Library (as of January 2012, housed in West Speirling). She also has been tour goddess for Oxbridge University and Jaguarland and houses her tours in Aether Education and Tourism in Caledon Prime.

On June 14, 2009, Lady Aevalle and Duke Wrath Constantine were wed in a surprise ceremony (under the guise of a combined rez day celebration for the two). They recently celebrated the seventh anniversary of meeting inworld and continue to happily cause trouble on the Firth (in a good, sporting sort of way).

In 2010, East and West Speirling was combined under Lady Aev's care. The haunting trees and storm that West Speirling was known for have remained, including Sumie's pond. However, the skies have been converted to an airbag supported home for the six "Duchesses in Training" of the Firth--Oreo OHare,WaffleCottontail, MoggieFae, and MinouFae (Aev's and Wrath's children brought in from other dimensions--long story) as well as LilithMorgaine and LunaMorgaine, the children of the Court of Morgaine in Exile. Their Guv'ness, Dhampir Eravisci is also a regular. Not far from the H. P. Blavatsky Memorial Branch in West Speirling, visitors can find evidence of the Firth Witch, Aettrynne Greymyst. Lady Aev remains the high priestess of the Speirling Unseelie Court and the Coven of the Firth Witch, though she and Aettrynne have not always seen eye to eye.

Also in 2010, Lady Aevalle took on Caledon Sound, where she began overseeing excavations and scientific study of the underwater ruins of Nodelakia. The historic marina and Thorn Island were also surveyed. In 2013, a cataclysmic event overtook Sound and it sank under the waves as did Nodelakia before it. Research is ongoing to see if there is potential either might rise again.

In 2014, Lady Aev became the Mayoress of PenzanceTown and Duchess of Caledon Pensans.

In early 2015, the houses of Speirling, Middlesea, Sound, and Morgaine officially combined to form the Grand Firth Court of the Aethers with Lady Aev accepting her role as the Grand Archduchess.

Court officers include:

Lord Bunneh Wrath Constantine -- Grand ArchDuke of Middlesea, Speirling, & Sound;

Lady Kitteh Aevalle Galicia -- Grand ArchDuchess of Middlesea, Speirling & Sound;

Lord Rachire Andel and Lady Gerr Huntress -- Duke and Duchess of Morgaine in exile;

Lady Oreo O'Hare, Lady WaffleCottontail, Lady MinouFae, Lady MoggieFae, Lady LilithMorgaine, and Lady LunaMorgaine -- Duchesses in Training;

Miss Dhampir Eravisci -- Governess;

Aettrynne Greymyst -- Firth Witch and Court Wizard;

Dantæ -- Court Musician and Butterfly Wrangler;

Faerie Scribe -- Herald;

Sir Geoffrey Xenobuilder -- Defender of the Realm;

Miss CaledonRose -- Royal Gardener;

BotenClu -- Sergeant at Arms;

Harvey "Bulletbait" Boten -- Quartermaster,

Dread Pirate Wulluf -- obligatory ghost (all courts should have at least one)

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