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Cornelia Rothschild is the Archduchess of Teslace. Although she was first assembled in New Babbage, she has no memory of living anywhere other than Caledon. She has made her home in various Caledonian sims since 2006, including Caledon II, Caledon Wellsian, and Caledon Teslace.

She is a clockwork lady, her first name standing for Central Operations Repository for a New Entity (capable) of Love, Intelligence, and Awareness. Although she is an artificial being, she is capable of experiencing a full range of emotion.

Her creator, Erik McCellan ("Sir") passed away in 2007. She is now looked after by Lord Chancellor Oolon Sputnik and Archduke Karsten Rutledge. She was the proprietor of a hair shop for ladies, Historical Heroines, until 2010.

Her Grace has been a member of the Whist League, the Navy, and the national football team.

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