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DrBob Margulies (pronounced "mar-guh-lees").

Home: Currently owns Slip 8 in Caledon Sound and a house in Tinytoriana in the Victoriana Sim.

Interests: aviation, science, discovery, education.

Alternate avatars: Human male, tiny German Shepherd, small Robot.

Groups and Organisations: Flight Lieutenant in RCAF - Screamin' Tinies Squadron, Future contributor to the library, Founder - Mushroom Hunters of the Roses



DrBob Margulies came to Caledon having heard of it via an Aetheric diary communication, as such he came almost directly to Caledon on corporation and found the place most agreeable. He has integrated quickly into society and has begun to work his way through the ranks.

The doctorate is entirely honorific and academic, although his typist is indeed a student of the alchemical science he has not yet gained the title in RL.


Initially formed as a human DrBob discovered the ability to assume a tiny form at the RCAF Tiny Dogfights, at that time he was a tiny German Shepherd. He currently mainly assumes the form of a tiny giraffe, a form he finds most pleasing and amusing. He is keen to encourage all creators in Caledon to produce tiny sized garments, vehicles and furniture.

Current & Future Projects

DrBob is currently working on the RCAF Asterix, an aircraft carrier for the Screamin' Tinies and hope to construct a suitable dedicated aerodrome for them in furture.

DrBob has taken a deep interest in the explosion of collectable objects within Caledon, creating the Shrooms page within the wiki and is co-owner of the Mushroom Hunters of the Roses group with Ms Tanarian Davies

He is also working with Mr Drinkwater of the Caledon Library on a number of projects concerned with scientific education in Caledon.

General views and disposition

Dr Margulies welcomes friendship from all whom he meets and will freely offer the same in return, he is not interested in anything further.

Dr Margulies is interested in extending his role-play experience, but as above only in a generally friendly and definately non-adult manner.

Dr Margulies does not approve of discrimination based on race, gender, sexual preferences etc.

Please feel free to follow Dr Margulies' typist's twitter at the_real_dr_bob

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