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Elrik Merlin, Laird Brideswell

Rez Day: March 29, 2007

Originally encouraged into the World by friends in the Music field, Elrik (or 'Rik' for short) took some time to discover Caledon, establishing residence initially on the mainland and then in Micronesia.

He became a Caledon Citizen at the end of July 2007, and finally became a land-owner and Caledon resident with the opening of Caledon Wellsian in early September, where he built Brideswell Manor in South-West Wellsian, a fine 18th-Century style building, notable also for the enormous Nautilus airship stationed over the house and the transmitting tower in front.

In December 2008, Elrik became a founding resident of Caledon Rothesay, when four Open Space regions were consolidated at the location of Gabrielle Riel's Caledon Carntaigh. Though not previously an Open Space region holder, he bought out Otenth Paderborn's interest. Although technically permitted by Caledon tradition to use the title of Duke, he prefers simply to be known by name or as "Laird (landowner) Brideswell". His home is Brideswell Hall, a magnificent building designed by Koshari Mahana of Four Winds and occupying, with its associated gardens planned by Soliel Snook, the south-eastern quadrant of Caledon Rothesay.

Since mid 2007, Mr Merlin has been an active participant in the public radio station Radio Riel, presenting some of the daily programmes, often in conjunction with the Caledon Library, entitled From the Library as well as being Musical Co-ordinator at a number social events which suit his European nature, and as a result he has been nicknamed "Laird of the Dance". He provided the commentary for the State Opening of the Great Exhibition as well as other events such as the Caledon Anniversary celebrations.

Elrik's pastimes also include aviation: he has a fine collection of flying machines of one sort or another and can often be seen aloft over Caledon in one or other of them.

Elrik considers himself a "Renaissance man" in that he is interested in many aspects of art, science and philosophy and operates mainly in the areas where art & technology meet, specialising in broadcasting, music production and streaming technology as well as writing and graphic design. He also refers to himself as an incurable romantic, to which several of his friends will attest.

Laird Brideswell was an attendee at the first CaleCon, a convention for Caledon residents held near Stratford, Ontario, in late August 2008, and helped to provide some of the entertainment.

Elrik Merlin is also co-host, with Saffia Widdershins, of Designing Worlds, a weekly live TV show on design and designers in virtual worlds, presented on the Treet TV Network.

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